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  "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. "— Chief Seattle

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The scenery, flowers and birds, coupled with your wealth of knowledge, really made for a super few days. It was so nice spending time taking it all in, without the need to rush to the next destination. The dynamics of the friendly group merely added to the enjoyment. The week went all too quickly so, who knows, I may return for more! Do thank Ceri for the lovely sandwiches and the chickens for the eggs!

- Maureen N, UK.

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Walking blog: The philosophy of walking

One on one camping with my children

parent-and-child-sand-logo-275-x-206virgin-footprints-in-the-sand-walking in cornwall walkitcornwall

One on one camping trips with ones children is a joy. It’s a selfish reciprocal guilty pleasure in that both parties get the other all to themselves. I’m yours and you’re mine for 24 hours. When three children into two adults mathematically and temporally don’t go there is a certain equality, calmness and insight within ones relationship with each offspring that you just don’t get any other time until you spend one on one time. What you get out of one on one just doesn’t happen with any other configuration.


Walking in Cornwall in August- is it a trick of the mind?

walkers-at-carn-les-boel-on a walking holiday in Cornwall walkitcornwallyelloq-and-purple-flowers-at-kestle-barton-helford river walkitcornwallporthcurno-beach-walking holiday in cornwall walkitcornwall

The sheer drop on the north coast around Portreath is spectacular. There is a particular sense of powerlessness one gets when close to the edge, a paradox to the fact that one is indeed in control like at no other time over both the joy of living and the despair of not wanting to live. One can only imagine how the internal mental fight is playing out at the border of land and sea. People are drawn to this border of landscape and ocean where many battles have been fought both geologically and physically by human kind when forced against one another. Presently we can gaze in awe at the spectacle, hopefully realising our place within the story of the planet along with our immense imposition that we have made. What might emerge to some are clear choices as to our potential and future relationship with what some call Gaia – a planetary sized self regulating organism.


Walking in Cornwall in August- is it a trick of the light?

beach-art-slate-tower-onporth-saxon-beach-walkitcornwall walking breakpenwith-gorse-and-heather-colour-explosioncharlene-and-tony-on-the-doom-bar-walking in cornwall

There is an explosion of colour when the sun is out, the gorse and heathers are in full bloom and the sea is that aquamarine, turquoise that gives the place the nickname of the Cornish Riviera. On the walkitcornwall website there are quite a few photos with the vibrant colour mix of sea, heather, gorse and rocks that will be forever burned into my memory. Musically there are soundtracks to ones life. These are the hues of my life.


Jess the dog: walkitcornwall's principal guide

walking breaks in cornwall walkitcornwall Jess at Carbis Bay

Introducing Jess our principal guide.  How remiss of us not to mention "she who must be followed". Jess our cross gsd/lab has been with us for seven years. A softy who absolutely loves people and walking (and markies). We rehoused her and renamed her (from Xena) when we got her from Molly Wyatts near Hayle. She is as playful and docile as they come and just loves leading walks all over Cornwall especially the Coast Path.


Walking visitors from Germany and an old friend

babingtons-at-poltesco-perhaps-walking break in cornwall walkitcornwallfour-in-a-mist-lizard peninsula coast path walkitcornwall

Visitors from Germany and a regular walking friend. Working in partnership with the St Michaels Hotel in Falmouth we picked up four delightful people on the Tuesday and added our old mate Terry on Thursday. We had a mixture of weather with the evocative coastal mists on the first morning and breaking clouds and sunshine on the remainder of the other two days.


The unofficial Cornwall tourism photo SHOOT!

walking holidays in cornwall tourist season sign

"If a picture paints a thousand words" (lyrics courtesy of "If" by David Gates). Here's a sign I saw somewhere on the Roseland peninsula yesterday. We won't name and shame as it is meant to be humorous. Isn't it? 

Family tour of the Lizard Peninsula

asparagus-island-high-tide-200-x-150cadgwith-with-boats-on-beach-great-light walkitcornwall

One family from Belgium arrived at the Polurrian Hotel on the Lizard and requested a day tour in Ellie the VW Caravelle – so named by our children. We were greatly rewarded on our 60 mile tour all around the Lizard peninsula and the Helford River with fabulous light, turning tides and some rare plants (Babingtons Leeks). Oh and a seal came up to greet us at the Southernmost Point.


Walking holiday in Cornwall starring colours and music

walking holiday in cornwall najizal beach june 2010walking holidays in cornwall june 2010 groupwalking breaks in cornwall roseland st mawes

Music and walking eh? I'm just a pig in sh*!


Serpentine, shipwrecks and kestrels

kestrel-in-the-sky-on a walk in cornwall walkitcornwallmaud-boiler-and-person-cornish shipwreck on the Lizard peninsula

The hovering kestrel always amazes me as they can remain fixed in the sky with hardly any effort whatever the strength or direction of the wind.

The object on Pentreath beach is the boiler from the Maud a 79-ton steam trawler that broke loose from its tug on February 11th 1912. At low tide it can be seen but its size is only apparent when someone stands next to it. I would like to thank the person who modelled the boiler for the benefit of the wider public.


Waning bluebells. au revoir but not goodbye

Bluebells in full splendour

Waning bluebells on the coast. 

So, a quick goodbye, nay, au revoir until next year to the harbingers of uplifting spring spirits.

As though they recognize their own performance the bluebells are now bending over

taking a bow, soaking up the deserved applause and promising an encore.

Oh how we want you back.


Rock Pooling parts 1-100


Some rock pooling sessions are better than others. We’ve all had days where all you get are a few small porcelain crabs when you’re looking for large feisty Velvet swimming crabs. Even the anemones float with a disinterested shimmy. But not today. We were blessed with pipefish, ragworms, prawns, porcelain, shore, hermit, edible and velvet crabs, brittle stars, cushion stars, blenny’s and the Cornish clingfish.


Symmetry in nature

sycamore close upsycamore symmetry

Shapes and symmetry of nature.

It’s not just the finished article that makes nature observation such a thrill. Trees, plants, birds in moult or as fledglings all have their evolving shapes and colours before they reach their apex of growth to become the recognizable shape of their intended creation.

Species identification becomes as fluid and as ever changing as the individual life we are observing at any one moment in the cycle of growth and decay.