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You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. - Goethe

I would like to tell you I have really appreciated the week we spent together. I thank you for your patience and your support in my english training!

- Marie B, France

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Walking Holidays Cornwall

Cornwall guided walking and hiking tours

Welcome. Hello I am Paul Simmons the owner and principal guide of walkitcornwall. I’ve been leading guided walking holidays, hiking treks and tours for 18 years and walking Cornwall's south west coast path for over 20 years.

I tell stories, I've been an entertainer for much of my life. I also have an MA in Cornish Studies so the stories I tell will hopefully have an element of truth about them. But that's half the fun.


Covid-19 update: There is no doubt that people's individual health is more important than anything else. Whilst walking is an important part of ones mental and physical health, to do so now collectively as a group would be wrong on many levels and would open individuals up to the terrible virus that is sweeping the planet.

I am honoured and blessed to be able to do this for a living yet I have to put this aside for a while and concentrate on the health of my family, friends and community, both local and global. I have made many friends through this "business" of mine and I have to thank many for continually coming back and trusting me.

So for now I will not be taking any bookings for any walking holidays up until at the earliest July and quite probably beyondWe don't have a crystal ball to see where we will be short term. However if you want to think about 2021 or at the earliest Summer 2020 I will be happy to chat with you, send brochures and just talk about walking as we wait and see. That's all we can do. 

Love and respect to those real frontline workers who are continuing to keep society going and those more vulnerable to this deadly virus. Keep well and safe and when you can, rediscover the beauty and interconnecting power of Nature, go for a walk and be in awe. Paul xo

I am passionate about walking and how to interpret and enjoy the relationship between us humans and the landscape we traverse.

Walking is about how we interact with our landscape with all our senses.

It's the philosophy of walking as to why, how and where we walk and the creativity walking inspires. Of course, it's also about the views:-).

                               Where we walk






                                When we walk 

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Cornwall Guided Walks are from Monday to Friday. Stay Saturday or Sunday to Saturday or choose your dates.

If you can get a group together of 4+ on any other week of the year then ask and I might be able to put on a walking week for you.

For the Cornwall guided walking holiday I can This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Sat April 18th Sat April 25th Cornwall guided walking holiday   
Sat May 2nd Sat May 9th Cornwall guided walking holiday   
Sat May 9th  Sat May 16th

ISLES OF SCILLY 7 night 6 days  Isles of Scilly Page

Sat May 23rd Sat May 30th
Cornwall guided walking holiday
Sat June 6th Sat June 13th Cornwall guided walking holiday  
Sat June 13th Sat June 20th Cornwall guided walking holiday
Sat June 20th Sat June 27th POLDARK country tour and walking holiday  Poldark page
Sat June 27th Sat July 4th DARTMOOR walking holiday  Dartmoor page
Sat July 4th Sat July 11th   Cornwall guided walking holiday
Sat August 1st  Sat August 8th   Cornwall guided walking holiday 
Sat August 29th Sat Sept 5th  ISLES OF SCILLY 7 night 6 days  Isles of Scilly Page
Sat Sept 5th Sat Sept 12th  Cornwall guided walking holiday Full
Sat Sept 12th Sat Sept 19th  Cornwall guided walking holiday
Sat Sept 19th Sat Sept 26th  Saints Way Coast to Coast New
Sat Sept 26th Sat October 3rd   Cornwall guided walking holiday 
Thursday Oct 15th  Saturday Oct 24th  CORFU 9 nights 10 days  Corfu page      2020 dates


Why walk in Cornwall?  More to the point, why shouldn't you?

On all our walking holidays we walk 5 days at a pace of 1.5 -2 mph between 6-9 miles (9-12kms). Your informative and entertaining trekking holiday is guided by me Paul Simmons and abroad we have at least two guides.

Getting to the very DNA of wherever we walk in the world, we immerse ourselves in the unique cultural heritage, flora and fauna, myths and legends, literature, geology and identity of where we walk. We walk, we laugh and share the walking experience.

Business Declares:- In light of the global narrative about the Climate and Ecological Crisis and the declaration by parish, town and county Councils and Parliament I have asked myself some hard questions and come up with some hard answers on a personal level.

I have always viewed Walking as a low impact business, which it is, if you ignore how one gets to the start of the walk. I realise that many of my guests, in fact most travel to Cornwall and to my overseas destinations by plane, as indeed I have done, so I'm not blaming and shaming as that gets us nowhere.

We are in this all together for all our future generations sake so the conversations have started with my guests and many others in the Tourism industry here and abroad about this dilemma.

So while it will be "harmful" to my profits depending on how you define profit, from this year I have reduced my overseas walking trips by 75%. I love my walking and it hurts not to be able to show my other European destinations off to you all.

But I love our planet more and I am looking at Slow Travel where we go through Europe by train and walk around some amazing places in different countries and walk the walk having talked the talk. 

Most of the overseas visitors that come to Cornwall arrive in the UK by plane, so conversations about this need to be had. We will all probably ask ourselves these same questions about much of what we do in our day to day lives to reduce our carbon footprint of which flying is just one part.

I still welcome you all to come to Cornwall whichever way of transport you use because I do not have all the answers but I do have some important questions that collectively need to be answered.

Here in Cornwall as an ambassador of CoaST, the sustainable tourism business network, we are arranging to come to a shared ideology about balancing environmental costs with business and enjoyment.It is an ongoing dialogue but with a need to change the Business As Usual mentality.

My decision is to restrict my overseas walks to just one area - Corfu and the Greek mainland. The good news is that Cornwall trips will be offered either side of my Dartmoor and Isles of Scilly trips which will get my main attention.

I have added another Cornwall walking holiday, The Saints Way, a new coast to coast walking trip for walkitcornwall. More exciting local walking news to come.

Here's something of what I do. You got 6 minutes?

I love walking. I live walking. Come and walk in Cornwall, walk in Corfu, the Isles of Scilly and Dartmoor.

I'm also a professional musician and my music website is here

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