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"If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it". - John Irving

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 It was a great time for us in Cornwall with you. Every day I´m in thoughts of the coastal path way.

- Brigitte, Germany

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My personal philosophy of walking

Cornwall Wildlife Trust's awesome enthusiasm for nature

Mr and Mrs blue tit have their homes modelled by enthusiasts

Cornwall Wildlife Trust would be squillionaires if staff enthusiasm and dedication alone could be converted to and measured in pounds sterling. This is the paradox. How to reconcile and balance the time and effort given to working towards a better Environment (big E) with raising the money to fund it all. Today was an eye opener on how such organisations like CWT, who prove time and time again, proactively, how to be stewards of the natural cycle, are struggling with such a dilemma.

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Little White Alice eco holiday self catering cottages in Cornwall

natural swimming pool cornwall eco holiday self catering little white alice walkitcornwall

Little White Alice is a complex of the highest quality eco cottages with its own 25 acres within the granite heartland of Cornwall. It is aimed at the self-catering fraternity who love large spaces both indoor and outdoor. This is the standard by which sustainable holidays should be judged in the present and in the future. It is quite simply, an amazing vision that has come alive and is ready for your arrival.

Rosie and Simon welcomed Ceri and myself to take a look around and talk about providing the best low impact eco accommodation and walking holiday in Cornwall. Check their site out now for details of the hard work and effort that they have put in to get this project up and running.

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Birch bark canoe at National Maritime Museum Falmouth

birch bark canoe maritime museum falmouth walkitcornwall evening walks falmouth spring festivalbirch bark canoe maritime museum falmouth walking holidays walkitcornwall falmouth spring festival 2011

Whilst discussing the forthcoming Falmouth Spring Festival walks programme with Tamsin Loveless of the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth we walked past a canvas covered exhibit that has hit International headlines, here in the UK and especially in Canada. The world’s oldest birch bark canoe was discovered on the Enys Estate recently and has been moved to the NMMC for restoration and exhibiting.

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Boxing Day walk Tregenna Castle Hotel

Steeple Woods St Ives walks with walkitcornwallwalkitcornwall walking breaks in cornwall St Ives BaySt Ives Bay from Knills Monument

Walking around Christmas. Guilt or Excuse to over indulge? I do find that walking is very popular over the holidays around this year. Funny that or is it something to do with new year resolutions? Yeah right. The word calories comes up quite often. Then again people talk as if they have been stood over by somebody wielding an implement of torture forcing another morcel and cholestrol busting parcel down the ever-weakening person in question.

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Grand piano found on Miami Beach. Musician confesses.

Photo of grand piano on miami beach walkitcornwall confessesgrand piano on Miami Beach paul simmons confession walking holidays in cornwall walkitcornwall blog

An email dropped into my in tray at 7.30a.m this morning. By 9a.m I had made my confession to the BBC. A Grand Piano had indeed washed up on a sand bar on Miami Beach. I feel duty bound to admit to the fact that we could have been responsible for this aquatic fly tipping incident.

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Walking from Port Quin to Rock via the Rumps and Polzeath

lawrence-binyon-marker-280-x-2101polzeath beach sunset walking break in cornwall

Just down the coast from Doc Martins Port Isaac is a wonderful stretch of the South West Coast Path from Port Quin to Rock via the Rumps and Polzeath. Port Quin, also known as “the village that died” following all the men of the village being lost at sea in one incident. It is also known for a folly, Doyden Castle, utilised in the Poldark TV series and was used by a local man Samuel Symons for a bit of a hedonistic life.

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The St Michael's Hotel press walkitcornwall tour of Cornwall

St Michael's Hotel press tour with walkitcornwall at Mullion Cove Lizard

Those wonderful people of St Michael’s Hotel, Falmouth have had various members of the Press down for a few days. They invited walkitcornwall to take them around for a tour for two and a half hours. Loving a challenge the planning was more of a headache of what to leave out than what to put in.

As a firm believer that it is the journey and not the destination (ok we HAVE to have a few Ta Da’s! somewhere towards the climax) I wanted to show off the infrequently used wooded and winding back roads of the Helford river as well as the majestic cliffs and bays of the Lizard Coast.

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Sunset over St Michael's Mount.

sunset-cudden-point-near-prussia-cove-on a walk in cornwall walkitcornall

There are sunsets in Cornwall and there are sunsets! Jess the dog and I were chomping at the bit figuratively speaking. Snow and ice was receding and it was the first proper walk for weeks. So we went to the south coast between Prussia Cove and St Michaels Mount. We were rewarded not only with an ever changing and spectacular sunset but also a close encounter with a common Buzzard (Buteo buteo).

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Amazing blue tit photos. A robin, a great tit and a song thrush too.

blue tit feeding ready to fly off walking in cornwall walkitcornwallphoto of blue tit flying off with a peanut walkitcornwall

"A picture paints a thousand words" so sang David Gates as did Telly Savalas in the song "If". So here are a few action shots of our garden birds feeding on peanuts and the high rise bird canteen.

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Snowvember: Ice stalactites in Cornwall

pure-snow-human-long-shadow-on a walk in halvasso cornwall

Snowvember! Siberian Cornwall defrosts slowly from the sea level up. Here at 175m our roads are untreated so we’re slip slidin’ away unable to reach even our nearest neighbours on the road. The cleared main roads are a mile away. In our fields a hamlet of snow people of varying shapes and sizes mysteriously appear accompanied by the whoops of joy from three, now-you-see-them-now-you don’t, under 12’s.

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Walking with the Budock Vean Hotel New Years Day 2011

carrag a pilaz view to church cove gunwalloe photo walkitcornwallchurch cove gunwalloe photo walkitcornwall day walks

Happy New Year!! (or should I be saying that quietly)? Years ago I wouldn't have ventured out of my bedroom on New Years Day let alone go outside into the world with all that light and noise...and people.

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Snow 175m up at Halvasso Cornwall in November

snow-in-halvasso-walking and hiking in cornwall walkitcornwallsnow-in-halvasso-hiking holidays in cornwall walkitcornwall

A snowscape presents us with one of the more beautiful and romantic interpretations of nature. The sudden adornment of all surfaces with snow is a great leveller and reminds us to respect the variations in weather. Its homogenising visual effect on the landscape make us view our neighbourhood as a whole unifying vista where often travelled paths and land merge into a new and unfamiliar version of a locale we know so well.

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