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  "I have the world's largest collection of seashells. I keep it on all the beaches of the world... perhaps you've seen it." — Steven Wright

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We had a great time with you as our fearless guide. Loved it all especially the colours of Cornwall. We really enjoyed the pace of the walks. It allowed me to lag and take photos and be one with the land. Also it allowed me to fantasize about the smugglers and customs men dashing along the trails.

–Pam V, USA

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My personal philosophy of walking

Climate, landscape and imagining the future


 CLIF walking (climate, future and landscape on the Lizard Peninsula Cornwall).

 What often fascinates me is how humanity and the landscape have interacted in the past as we often take for granted the vistas of where we walk today. How much is naturally formed landscape, how much is manipulated, for want of a word. Indeed how much are people aware of the narrative of whether there is any landscape that is entirely natural or what is conserved/preserved.

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Red sky in the morning

 red morning sky over halvasso another day

Overhead, here in Halvasso, Cornwall we have been treated to some memorable red skies in the morning. American comedian Steve Wright said “Bills travel twice the speed of cheques through the postal system”.. I’ll vouch for that. Blogs, websites, contacts, hustling……Savour the morning ambience.

Here’s a small and tenuous topical circular journey. Red sky in the morning has been googled and it seems it is also the title of a coming of age novel by Richard Bradford that has been compared with a certain Catcher in the Rye, the author of which J D Salinger has just passed away. Where did he spend most of his reclusive life? Cornish, a town in New Hampshire, USA. The words straws, at and clutching might sum those links up I hear you murmur…

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Music was my first love.....*

*lyric from John Miles’ “Music”

Well I thought maybe my first piece of music up on the site should be an

introductory example; an ode to great walking and great composition.

So here is my piano/vocal version of Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis”.

Walking in Memphis

You can also hear some more at

Snowdrops' slow ascent towards the sky

Some creative writing about snowdrops:-


It is that tale tale sign of a green triangle 2 cms high,


With a white edge pushing its way above the detritus and mulch of winter.

The tinge of white at their tip teases one into believing that they will flower so soon

(will I miss it), this afternoon, tomorrow, no the day after.

No the next, until suddenly they burst into full flowering.

The sign of winter’s thaw, the revolving of the seasons

The colour of purity, delicacy, surrender and light.

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