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I would like to tell you I have really appreciated the week we spent together. I thank you for your patience and your support in my english training!

- Marie B, France

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Guided Walking Holiday in Andalucia

Andalucia Walks March 2020

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March 7th - 18th 2020 Andalucia in Southern Spain for an 11 night 12 day walking holiday.        Please Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. a brochure

7 nights in the Natural Park of the Sierra Almijara and Tejeda, then 2 nights up in the southern Sierra Nevada and the Alpujarras before moving to the city of Granada for another 2 nights. 3 places over 12 days.

A slightly different format but the same walkitcornwall eye for detail, original thinking, presentation and delivery. 

The Sierra Nevada you might have heard of? Snow clad peaks and deep valleys with Moorish white washed villages - the "pueblos blancos". Well let us introduce you to the Sierra Almijara and Tejeda for 7 days. Then into the Alpujarras, in the southern Sierra Nevada National Park before the historic areas of the city of Granada including the Alhambra Palace and the Arab quarter of Albaicin. A wonderful mixture.



The first 7 days we stay at the Finca el Cerrillo and enjoy their hospitality and walking programme with a choice of Easy and More Difficult walks on 3 of the 5 walking days so you choose which of the two separate guided groups you want to walk with. There will also be 2 days where we all walk together. Perfect choice. 

Then 90 minutes away by coach we go into the Alpujarras for 2 days for some more spectacular walks that we all do together right from the front door of our 3 star hotel situated in a typical whitewashed village in the mountains. Then we make our way to Granada where we will visit the Alhambra Palace and fortress and the famous Albaicin Arab quarter, a different world within the area of Granada, all in the final two days. Stay on? Why not?

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For full details, itinerary and price  Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. and I will send you a brochure.

Walking in Andalucia in March. Weather: Temperatures are usually between 13-20oC during the day with very cool evenings especially higher up in the mountains. We are normally well below the snow lines as the peaks are up to 3400m and sunny days can be very warm and perfect for walking. In Capileira we are walking around the 1400m mark (Ben Nevis 1345m, Snowdon 1085m in the UK). You wouldn't have guessed it though.

History: Andalucia stands at a physical crossroads for many societies, with the Phoenicians, Greeks, Celtic tribes, Carthaginians, Romans and the Moors for 8 centuries with their architecture still dominant in the region, all establishing themselves and leaving their mark. All this pre Christianity.


The terrain: There is an extensive network of footpaths in all the areas we go to, some ancient tracks through the mountains like the Almijara Silk Road and others that link the villages, perched precariously in the mountains and valleys, with each other and giving access to the land that the people worked. Many paths follow the valleys up or down to crossover points so our walks will follow tracks up and down hills for hours.

For our first week we start up around 800m and go higher or lower and nearly always in a loop, so where there's an up.......all I'm saying is that if you want to do the harder walks for the first week at the Finca de Cerrillo you need to be fairly fit for this walking holiday and not a novice for whole day walks. Having said that, in our first week at the Finca there will be a choice of easier walks on 3 of the 5 days.


For the next two days after our stay at the Finca we are up in the Alpujarras in the Sierra Nevada and we walk from the front door of our 3 star hotel. Our final two days we are in the city of Granada exploring the alleyways and open public squares around the Moorish Albaicin area and the Alhambra Palace. 





The Alhambra Palace:-



So if you are interested in this walking holiday in Andalucia Cet adresse mail est protégé contre les spambots. Vous avez d'activer le javascript pour la visualiser. and I will send you the brochure with the itinerary, travel arrangements and price.