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"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured". - Mark Twain

I want to say again thank you so much for making my first visit to Cornwall in more years than I care to remember so memorable.

– Helen M, UK

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Forest bathing aka Shinrin Yoku

Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing in Cornwall

paul simmons shinrin yoku

Shinrin Yoku comes to Cornwall with your practitioner Paul Simmons.

For more information go to my Forest Bathing Cornwall website

What is Shinrin Yoku aka Forest Bathing?

Being in a forest or woodland is hardwired into our DNA as over the past 7 million years of being hominids (we split to become the genus Homo and developed to become modern humans) we have spent 99.99% of our time in the woodland environment.

It is fair to say that we are missing the immersion in nature and the physical and psychological parts of our being are telling us exactly that. Right now through being stressed and through the undefinable awe of nature it is innate as humans to need regular and constant connection to our woodland environment.

Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing utilises all our senses in a very slow and playful way, connecting an individual with the environment of the woods. Forests have always had restorative and energising qualities that have been clinically proven to act as a preventitive of a multitude of modern day illnesses and they naturally give us a sense of well being.

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I've discovered that over the past 20 years of slow walking and interacting with all my senses with nature I have been practicing Shinrin Yoku all along in subtle ways with my guests. But as a new practitioner in the official Shinrin Yoku family I will be adding my own Invitations. These are tasks or suggestions of how to begin and enjoy being immersed in Nature through specific sensory dialogues with Nature each one lasting a short while or letting it go on for longer depending on the task involved in the Invitation.

Together we will be exploring the tried and tested Japanese way of Shinrin Yoku or forest bathing and I will add my  own interpretation from what I have learned personally over the past 20 years of leading walks.

In 2008 I was part of academic research into the benefits of walking in the green gym and the blue gym - the woods and by the sea to you and me. Additionally as a musician and improvisor for over 35 years I also know how to put my own stamp on established practices and react intuitively to what is in front of me. I have my own way of engaging with the landscape and enjoying Nature in its purest way.

Nature is boss, it has the first and last word and we are just a small part of the interconnected web of life. Indeed we are just stewards of the cycle and our dominant paradigm of modern, fast, consumptive living can only survive by making sure we are disconnected from what we have naturally been immersed in.

Our natural woodland habitat. They are natural healers through many different ways and for those in doubt it has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure, be a preventitive against many modern day stressful conditions and guaranteed to lift ones spirits and outlook.


I am a professional guide and total enthusiast for Nature and I promise that I will invite you to open up some playful and deeper ways to explore any forest or wood through your senses of smell, touch, hearing, taste and sight so you will value and appreciate the wonders of being in a wood and enjoy their restorative quality.

I will inspire you and guide you in different ways to reconnect, to enthuse you with the healthy benefits of being slow, thoughtful, interactive and peaceful in this, our original natural playground.

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It is truly amazing what two to three hours in a wood can do for your psyche, your immune system and your total physical and mental health. I've used the saying "Solvitur ambulado" many a time. It means solve it through walking.

This is slow walking, a woodland wander where a walk could be just a mile or two over three hours. It's sitting, it's observing movement, smells and sounds, A complete tactile environment that awaits you, and opens you up to a new way of appreciating your surroundings and your place within nature.

Romantic notions? Yes and I've been a traditional walker for many years with up to 9 miles in a day of walking. However I love this approach of Shinrin Yoku that shows through various exercises and invitations I can appreciate the overwhelming beauty of the forest or woodland utilising all my senses.

For the first few months following my first course in June '19 to instruct me to be a practitioner I will be offering free walks in the woods of Cornwall.

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